SMART Console

Smart Console

Smart console is a console that  has advance technology. It has outstanding functionality suitable for the present.  Whether it’s use in Command Center, Data Center, Security etc. that need convenience and fastness.

The Smart Console can control the system and retrieve data from various points to show status on display and quickly edit, such as viewing CCTV Realtime or viewing the working status of the DCIM system. Then it will be displayed on the Smart Console screen via KVM 

When an abnormality occurs, for example, someone who is not in the organization invades to the building or the devices that are connected with the Smart Console server system.  Something was wrong. Alarm alerts can be set up through the Smart Console immediately, It will be displayed through the screen that is installed with the Smart Console, This makes it possible to fix the problem directly and quickly.

The users can have the right to access their own information through log in by scanning their fingerprints or entering a User Password. Moreover, the design of the Smart Console can automatically adjust the height of the Smart Console to suit. The user’s body as well