Battery Monitoring System (BMS)


Battery monitoring system is a smart solution for lead acid battery that use in UPS, data center, telecom BTS and solar energy storage bank. With build-in webserver and mobile APP, it realizes on-line real-time monitoring battery status every time.  – Voltage, Internal Resistance, Negative Pole Temperature per block
– Voltage, Current, State of Charge (SOC) per String
– Alarm of Battery’s State of Charge and State of Health (SOH)
– Real time and history data records and curve analysis
– Sleep mode to achieve ultra-low standby power consumption
– Built-in anti-reverse input circuit aims to protect the sensor and battery away from damage even if the power supply is connected conversely
– Built-in fuse with high reliability and safety
– Wiring easily with distributed installation
– Support xls, PDF, JPG format export and print out the data