Multi Denco



Multi-DENCO brings flexibility, diversity and efficiency.

  • Personalised choice with a wide variety of versions, sizes and options
  • Scalable output – match your requirements exactly
  • Energy efficiency design to save year-on-year
  • Redundancy and networking features inbuilt reducing operational risks
  • Available from 10 kW to 130 kW
  • Available with both Upflow and Downflow air directions
  • Available as Direct Expansion (DX), Chilled Water (CW), CombiCool (DX + CW or CW / CW) or FreeCool designs
  • 7 Standard unit sizes with footprints from 600 x 600 mm to 880 x 3380 mm
  • Standardised software across all designs – specifically designed by our engineers for precision climate control
  • High quality, global component suppliers used throughout
  • DENCONET software to enable multiple units to work together
  • Building Management System (BMS) interfaces available
  • Humidity and re-heating options available


Multi-DENCO is the out most flexible product from the DENCO range. Whilst predominantly designed to address the needs of IT cooling, it is not limited to being used in workshops, computer rooms, telecom rooms, laboratories, libraries and even archives and museums. Its key is its superior ability to control both the temperature and humidity enabling you to have confidence that your operations are in the ideal climate.

Multi-DENCO units can provide up to 150 kW of cooling within 7 different casing sizes, which can also be in upflow or downflow air configuration. All units are below 2m high and the footprint dimensions range from 60 x 60 to 88 x 338 cm.

This innovative solution offers inverter compressors and EC fans for accurate control with minimum consumption, advanced C5-12 controls to allow for smart functionality such as running redundancy, interface integration and sensor averaging, along with the ability to record up to 28 days of events and alarm history. Multi-DENCO also has various options and features available such as automatic pressurised system (APS), pressure independent control valves (PICV), energy monitoring, airflow monitoring and power redundancy options too. All the above allows Multi-DENCO to be the climate control solution you need.


Our F-Version provides Free cooling to your system, reducing energy consumption

Multi-DENCO® is available as direct expansion (DX) using high efficiency inverter compressors, chilled water (CW) versions with a variety of valve options, or as both! Cooling capacities are from as low as 10kW up to 130kW.

Our A-Version and C-Version designs are available with a CombiCool circuit – allowing for a backup operation inside of each and every unit.

Using our company defined C5-12 software to enable reliable and precise control of cooling. The software can interface with all common BMS standards and is able to report all the information you need.