Water Mist

SEM-SAFE® in brief
SEM-SAFE® is a high-pressure water mist fire fighting system that uses micro droplets released through nozzles into protected areas.It comprises a high-pressure modular pump unit, section valves, piping and water mist nozzles.

The system is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. With small pipe dimensions, large coverage, minimal water consumption, a compact pump unit and simple design, SEM-SAFE highpressure water mist is the perfect choice to protect data centres against fire, with reliability and cost-saving in mind.

Water Mist

The power behind SEM-SAFE®

The SEM-SAFE® water mist system is a unique fire fighting system. When water is forced through nozzles, at high-pressure, a super-fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect. As well as cooling the fire like a traditional sprinkler, it simultaneously starves the fire of oxygen like gas systems. When the mist comes into contact with flames, it evaporates and expands minimum 1,700 times. The dense vapour created displaces the flames and quickly extinguishes the fire.

Piping material

The piping material is of high-class stainless steel, always meeting or exceeding AISI 316, an acid-resistant type with Mn contents. The pipe material is so soft that it can be bent. The small sizes can be shaped with hand tools saving a large number of fittings and reducing the risk for leakage.

Water supply

Water is supplied via either pump units or cylinder systems. This covers small systems of just a few nozzles, right up to systems with thousands of nozzles, with or without electrical power.

Features and benefits

Quick fire fighting
  • As water mist both cools the fire and removes the oxygen, it results in quicker fire fighting
  • Due to the cooling effect of water mist, re-ignition is avoided
  • The SEM-SAFE®water mist system is ready for re-use immediately after a fire
Less damage
  • Water damage is kept at a minimum due to the low water consumption of the high pressure water mist system
  • The SEM-SAFE®system can be deployed instantly, resulting in less damage
  • Using only pure water, the SEM-SAFE®water mist system gives you the best possible protection of equipment and human lives
Reduced down time
  • The reduced amount of damage often means less down time, resulting in much lower costs
  • There is no need to fill up cylinders, thus saving expensive refilling time and overall costs