Ultra Denco



Ultra-DENCO – when performance matters in your datacentre.

  • Large cooling capacity, large airflow, small energy consumption
  • Minimised air and water pressure drops
  • Large coil and large EC plug fans for increased savings
  • Available from 50 kW to 200 kW
  • 7 standard unit sizes with footprints from 900 x 1335 mm to 980 x 3310 mm
  • Downflow airflow only
  • Chilled Water (CW) only
  • Large EC fans positioned in the floor reducing air pressure drop
  • Large 6-row coil for increased cooling output
  • High quality, global component suppliers used throughout
  • DENCONET software to enable multiple units to work together
  • Building Management System (BMS) interfaces available
  • Humidity and re-heating options available


The unit has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of data centers. Designed for only a down flow air configuration and chilled water cooling, the unit is ideally suited towards rooms which have a 500 mm floor void.

Every aspect of the unit has been designed for performance: the larger coil and larger filters means that there are lower air pressure drops, the large EC fans mean that at partial speeds there is a significant reduction in energy consumption and all the components within the chilled water pipework have been selected and designed to give the lowest pressure drop within the circuit.

The design allows for very high cooling capacity at standard water temperatures, with the possibility of greater efficiencies at higher temperatures.  The large coil helps to reduce air pressure drop. Its position has been refined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to ensure return air is carefully guided over the coil vanes to give even distribution and maximum heat exchange


Use our connection kits to bring your pipework to the unit in a manner convenient to you. The connections can be flange, solder or BSP standard.

With the large and very efficient EC fans, directly in the floor void, static losses are reduced as the air is sent directly into the free space where it is required. It also allows us to increase the coil size!

Using our company defined C5-12 software to enable reliable and precise control of cooling. The software can interface with all common BMS standards and is able to report all the information you need.

Our large coil design increases the units capacity whilst minimising water pressure losses through the unit. The angled design allows us to maximize the coil surface area.